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Oral Practical Exam Review Courses


A comprehensive “virtual-live” rehabilitation review course has been created by Dr. Gose DC DACBSP, DACRB, for those taking the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board (ACRB) practical examinations in 2021.  The course being “live” will allow the attendee to interact directly with Dr. Gose during the entire course.  Being “live” allows you to prepare for the oral exams in the convenience/safety of your own home, with no more costly travel expenses!

Dr. Gose will cover a variety of topics needed for the chiropractor to prepare/pass the exam.  Our course covers in detail all of the essential rehab topics and suggested reading materials required by the ACRB.  The course also reviews in depth, functional rehab exercises and protocols outlined by the board.  Dr. Gose has also created a highly detailed step-by-step “rehab study guide”, which allows the doctor to have a complete understanding of what the board requires of them on test day.  

This course is for all chiropractors who are actively preparing to take the rehab oral examinations in 2021, including CCSP’s wanting to take the exams as well.  Dr. Gose has been successfully preparing chiropractors for the rehab oral exams for the past 5 years and he is passionate about advancing rehabilitation for the chiropractic profession.      

If you have any questions about the 2021 upcoming review course or are interested in attending, please contact Dr. Gose at or visit for more information. 



DR. JERROLD SIMON and DR. GEORGE PETRUSKA- Your Rehab Advanced Standing Series Instructors

The (Module IV) Comprehensive Rehab Review will focus on a synopsis of all of the ACRB suggested reading chapters in Liebenson’s book, Rehabilitation of the Spine and Morris’ book, Low Back Syndromes as well as a comprehensive summary review of functional evaluation, functional treatment and functional protocols as outlined by the American Chiropractic Board of Rehab.  In short, the 14 hour Review will cover an overview of topics that the ACRB has deemed essential in preparation for the doctor candidate to take and pass the ACRB Diplomate Exam. Drs. Jerrold Simon and George Petruska have over 50 years of combined post graduate teaching experience in the field of spinal and extremity rehabilitation.  Both are Past Presidents of the ACA Rehab Council. This 2021 Virtual RAS Series will be their fourth time they have taught the series in its entirety.
For more information about the Seminar Series including how to register, go to:

VIRTUAL 2021 Rehab Advanced Standing Series
Module I – Functional Evaluation:   Jan 23(Sat) – 24(Sun), 2021
Module II – Functional Treatment:   Feb 20(Sat) – 21(Sun), 2021
Module III – Functional Protocols:   March 20(Sat) – 21(Sun), 2021
Module IV – Comprehensive Review:   April 17(Sat) – 18(Sun), 2021
The times for Modules I – III are: Saturdays 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm and Sundays 8:00 am – 2:00 pm
The times for Module IV are: Saturday 1:00 pm – 8:00 pm and Sunday 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
Designed for CCSPs (Certified Chiropractic Sports Physicians) who wish to pursue a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board (DACRB)  and for other chiropractic doctors who have an interest in Rehab.  Modules I – III are 12 hours. Module IV is 14 hours.


This series will include live and on-line courses.

The rehab diplomate lecture series can apply towards the 150 hours required for the lecture portion for the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board (ACRB) diplomate program.  The ACRB requires 150 lecture hours which must include: 45 hours of spine, 45 hours of extremity, 48 hours of electives and 12 hours of miscellaneous rehabilitation topics.  

Dr. Jonathan Gose DC, DACBSP DACRB created the rehab diplomate lecture series so doctors can finish the lecture requirements in less than 6 months via “12 one-day” modules.  The 12-module program is broken down into “8 live” and “4 virtual on-line” classes which include: 4 spine, 4 extremity and 4 elective modules.  The accelerated rehab program conveniently allows the doctor to complete all lecture requirements in 12 “one-day” modules, including detailed preparation for the written and oral examinations.  This is the 5th year Dr. Gose has taught the Rehab Diplomate Series for those wanting to advance their education and achieve a rehab diplomate.  

The ACRB is now allowing Certified Chiropractic Sports Physicians (CCSP) to submit their program hours towards the 150-hour rehabilitation lecture requirement.  Most sport physicians (CCSP) will only need "50 hours of spine rehab" to complete the lecture portion for the DACRB program.  Dr. Gose has created a specific 4-module spine rehabilitation program (asterisk *) designed for those CCSP's wanting to obtain a rehab diplomate from the ACRB. 

Course Outline

Module I:          Kickoff Weekend - Cervical Spine Rehab (Live 12.5 hours) *

Module II:         Proper Rehab Documentation (Online 12.5 hours)

Module III:        Foot & Ankle Rehab (Live 12.5 hours)  

Module IV:       Thoracic Spine Rehab (Live 12.5 hours) *

Module V:        Shoulder Rehab (Live 12.5 hours)

Module VI:       Pelvis/Hip Rehab (Live 12.5 hours)

Module VII:      Lumbar Spine Rehab (Live 12.5 hours) *

Module VIII:     Comprehensive Spinal Review (Live 12.5 hours) *

Module IX:       Knee Rehab (Live 12.5 hours)

Module X:        Evaluation of Muscle Imbalances (Online 12.5 hours)

Module XI:       Certified Strength & Conditioning Review (Online 12.5 hours)

Module XII:      Comprehensive Rehab Series Review (Online 12.5 hours)

Dr. Jonathan Gose DC, DACBSP, DACRB

Date, Time and Location 
2021 Course Date TBD - All live modules include hands-on rehab

If you have any questions about the upcoming 150-hour rehab diplomate lecture series, please contact Dr. Gose at or visit for more information.











       Or contact Dr. Mitch Green for more information; / 212.269.0300

• Mastering the Disc: Mechanical Assessment of the Spine and Extremities

• Sports Performance and Applied Rehab Kinetics



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