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About ACRB

The ACRB is devoted to constantly improving the education and training of Chiropractic Physicians through a certification process designed to assure the physician and their patients of a specific standard of excellence.

The Board consists of members who have completed the entire program successfully, passed exams, were published, and were recommended by participating Chiropractic Colleges or Universities in the pilot program. The ACRB also has one public member. This member is selected by the ACRB members.

The ACRB reviews educational attainments of candidates, the relevant work experience of each, candidate, prerequisites needed before testing, individual histories of any felonies or convictions of past or present, individuals' examination performance and requirements, review and verification of licensure, practice requirements in order to perform rehabilitation, and continual competency efforts to reinsure the public's trust.

The ACRB establishes tests and maintains item pools from criteria-referenced content, establishes and maintain cut scores of pass or fail, maintains a register for active and inactive status for all ACRB level and diplomate doctors, certifies diplomates for those applicants who have successfully completed ACRB levels, publication, and non-written requirements, employs or conducts tests for all ACRB levels and diplomates, creates and maintains the standards, policies, and procedures manual, establishes and conducts business meetings, collects money from the tests, re-certifications and registrations, elects officers to vacant board positions from qualified applicants, and dismisses board officers or members, diplomats, ACRB level provider, applicant or candidates.

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